Service - Mi Thai massage

Swedish Aromatic Massage

Choose your aromatic oil for this superb massage involving

soothing hand movements which work into the muscle and

soft tissue to induce relief from stress and tension. Covering

most of the body and focusing on the back.

Strength can be varied as you wish.


Traditional Thai Massage

Passed down the line from ancient times, this massage

involves the application of pressure and a degree of

stretching to the muscles, also involving prolonged

pressure on the’meridians’ of the body.

Without theuse of oil.


Mithai Massage combination

A Traditional Thai massage combined with the use of an

aromatic oil of your choice.


Foot Reflex Massage

Based on the original lngham method of reexology, this

specialist treatment involves the systematic stimulation of

all the nerve reexes in the feet, which correspond to the

internal organs, and all pals of the body. Far more than a

foot massage, this holistic healing technique helps restores

balance and harmony to your body. The treatment also

includes some wonderfully relaxing head massage and foot

massage with soothing cream.



Hot oil & Aromatherapy

Full body treatment using a special blend of essential oils

With gentle massage allowing oil to penetrate your skin and

to restore a healthy well-being.


Aroma Thai Foot Spa Massage

This spa treatment starts with an aroma foot soak in deep

pamper foot spa. It follows with a traditional Thai foot massage

infused with aromatic massage oils and cream. This is an intensely

relaxingexperience with the benefit of Asian reflexology to help release

blocked energy flow and toxins. This soothing treatment

encourages of a feeling of warmth and inner calm-it's so effective

many of our clients often fall asleep.



Price - Mi Thai massage